Dead Sea Moringa - powder 90 g

Dead Sea Moringa - powder 90 g

Dead Sea Moringa powder in a box 
ca. 90 grams.

Take approx. 1 teaspoon every day, then a box is enough for approx. 2 months.

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The leaves are dried before gently crushed them.

It is used as a supplement, but moring powder is also excellent for many recipes.

Can be added in water, juice, juice, yogurt, smoothie, shakes or sprinkle it in soups or in salads. It can also be used effectively as a thickener in soup and sauce recipes or sprinkle on meat and casserole dishes before serving.

Being cultivated by the Dead Sea, where soil and air are very rich in minerals. That's why this Moringa is very effective and copious.

You do not need any other supplements, when you use Moringa, it has all vitamins, minerals, all kinds of omegasures, both 3.6.

Moringa is also used to clean drinking water.

Nutritional information:

Moringa Oleifera

Amount per serving

% daily portion

Vitamin E**


10 %

Omega 3**



* Daily value not determined

All values ​​marked (**) are approximate and have been verified at Baktochem Labs, Israel


  • Leaves of the plant Moringa Oleifera.
  • 100% Vegetarian capsules made of pure cellulose.
  • This product is free of milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, nuts, wheat, soybeans, gluten.

Warning: The product should not replace a varied diet.

Keep out of reach of children. Store in a dry place.

Produced in Israel.

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