Daniel Eini's Zeolite Mineral Lotion - 35 ml

Daniel Eini's Zeolite Mineral Lotion - 35 ml

Daniel Eini's Zeolite Mineral lotion

35 ml.

Enriches the skin with valuable essential nutrients and expels waste products so that the skin can reconstruct its youthfulness.

Zeolite clinoptilolite cream revitalizes and removes pimples while repairing bad skin.

What happens and why:

The skin is a mirror of internal organs and when organs are contaminated by all waste substances we get into us through food, drink, air and stress.

The body's built-in cleansing mechanism works to cleanse contaminants through the urinary tract, stools and sweat. The skin receives amounts of contaminants resulting in bacterial accumulation.

This is often seen as acne. Zeolite has a cleansing effect and reduces basic possibilities for bacteria to settle in the skin, allowing the skin to repair itself.

Daniel Eini's Zeolite cream has a good combination of different oils that provide powerful supplements to prevent skin and strengthen skin cells. To see rapid and long-lasting results, stop waste products before it's entering the body.


Colloidal silver, Klinoptilolith Zeolith, shea butter, castor oil, argan oil, avocado oil, olive oil mf + ve, curcuma xanthorrhiza CO2-SE extract, retinol A + E vitamin, lavender oil, eucalypus essential oil.

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