Daylight Cream - 125 ml

Daylight Cream - 125 ml

Daylight cream with distilled plant juice 125 ml

Daylight BC is a natural product extracted from sprawling Israeli desert plants. It is a Daylight BC extract based cream. It stimulates the body's cells to generate life energy.

In the recovery process, an active distillate emerges from the plants which have a positive effect on health.

Developed over 30 years ago, Daylight BC has shown outstanding features to help the body heal itself.

Daylight works by stimulating the body to excrete slag materials and dissolve energy blockages. Most ailments and disorders are caused by the organism being exposed to more or less toxic substances every day. These must be out!


DR. AUDUN MYSKJA, a specialist in general medicine, speaks about our Daylight BC and the patient's positive response:

"I have been given a set of Daylight BC for testing on cancer patients and other patients with chronic pain, among other things because of whiplash injuries.

The results cannot be published as a complete clinical trial, but can be considered as the precursors of an approved phase in a clinical trial. Of the patients who tried Daylight BC, approx. half have a clear effect on pain and fatigue, which are two of the most important and severe symptoms for patients with cancer and chronic disorders. This is a result beyond what one might expect and makes the undersigned hope one can continue with systematic trials of Daylight BC testing.

A theoretical background for understanding the Daylight effect can be via the skin's response to electrical tensions in the nervous and hormone systems. We know that the skin's electrical resistance increases with internal stresses, which is exploited, among other things. in the lie detector.

My trials with Daylight BC indicate that this preparation has a special ability to affect these electronic tensions over the skin membrane! Chronic pain causes tension. Breaking this vicious circle is one of the great and difficult tasks of today's medicine. Despite improved medication and increased understanding of the mechanisms, we are far from the goal of good relief for everyone. I see Daylight as a promising and valuable supplement to regular drug therapy and physiotherapy. Daylight BC should be tested on a larger scale."

- Dr. Audun Mykjah, special. in general medicine

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