"Flames Over Wales" by Norman P. Grubb

"Flames Over Wales" by Norman P. Grubb

"Flames Over Wales" by Norman P. Grubb
The story of Rees Howells
The revival in Wales and the power of prayer

"Flames Over Wales" is the story of Rees Howells, a tool that God used at the beginning of the last century, when the fire of revival flame over Wales. Every church was shaken in its foundations, and everywhere Christians were transformed from being common members to witness.

He was even burned at a small house meeting. The glory of God fell upon those who gathered, and for two hours they sang the choir "There is power, power, power so wonderful". The next morning, Howells understood that the Holy Spirit had come to him to stay with him.

Following his experience from this day is like a continuation of the works of the Apostles. God filled him with great love to other people, and he became a blessing to thousands.

"Flames Over Wales" depicts a contentious life and is a glorious testimony of how holiness and prayer can completely transform life into one's life. When the Spirit of God grabs a human being, the most amazing thing can happen!

Note. The last time this book was published in Norway was in the 70's, but then in an edited, shortened edition. This edition, on the other hand, has valuable sections that were previously omitted.

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