Himalaya salt - 500 g

Himalaya salt - 500 g

Himalaya salt - 500 g

Crystal salt from Himalayane is an old legacy from the prehistoric ocean, the origin of all life. It is composed of the full range of nutritional minerals and trace elements and contains healing energy. Apart from the use of spices, Himalayan crystal salt can be used successfully for external use as an inhalation, bathing or inside as a sole (brine) beverage in a glass of high quality water.

This natural salt contains the original composition of the earth's minerals and trace elements. Plain salt is refined ("purified" in different processes and treated with various chemicals), leaving only sodium chloride (NaCl) left. Then mix with various additives.

Himalayan crystal salt is formed by the solar evaporation of the ocean. During the formation of the Himalayan mountains, the brine layer was pressed underneath the surface, where it today lies for approx. 500 meters deep underground. It is well protected against pollution and other influences. In addition to the very important mineral composition, the Himalayan crystal salt also contains highly energy-charged bio photos - the huge solar energy that evaporates the sea water. When the salt is reconnected with water, the biophotons become active again.

Salt is necessary for the energy production of the body, and naturally unrefined himalaya crystal salt does not have the same harmful effect as usual table salt likes on the body. This has a great deal with 84 different minerals and trace elements in the Himalayan crystal salt.

As usual salt for cooking and spices.

Himalayan crystal salt we recommend replacing with any other salt you use. This is due to the beneficial effect the crystal salt has on the health as well as its luxurious taste. The taste of Himalayan crystal salt is richer, softer and fuller than refined salt. After getting used to this gourmets salt it will be hard to go back.


  • Bring salt bubbles into a jam jar and fill water so that the water covers the salt bumps with 3-4 cm.
  • After a couple of hours, the sun is ready for use. The jellyfish glass can be refilled with water as long as there are salt lumps in the glass. The salt buds melt slowly and the sun never gets stronger than 26%, because the water is saturated.
  • This saturated saline solution is called Sole and contains a lot of solar energy as well as minerals.

Take a glass of water with 1 teaspoon of sole each morning. A glass of Sole in the morning rebuilds the body's electron reservoir and improves body conductivity. With Himalayan crystal salt, the body gets extra energy and comes in a good flow.

Sole seems to be balancing on the body's acid-base balance. Sole gives the body its natural swing pattern, which is maintained for 24 hours.

Sole can be used internally as external.
Sole can be taken diluted and undiluted on the skin, but never have undiluted sun on open wounds.

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