"Alef studying" By Lars Enarson (Book - Study Booklet)

"Alef studying" By Lars Enarson (Book - Study Booklet)

Study Booklet is written in Norwegian, Lars Enarson, as from the 70s has been Bible teacher and prayer leader with a clear prophetic voice. He travels in several countries and teaches prayer, revival, and the prophetic word.

A basic course for all

Alefkursen is about the Christian faith spiritual roots of the fifty first years after the outpouring of the Spirit at Pentecost in Jerusalem. How did the belief in the Master of Nazareth before Christianity arose as a religion distinct from the Jewish people?
You can expect many exciting "insights" and discover things you did not anticipate the word of God.
Start with alef
Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet. Alef is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Belief originally came from the Jewish people. Just as the Jewish people are now turning back to their own country again after two thousand years, so turning even today many Christians back to their original spiritual homeland.
All the apostles and Jesus himself was brought up in the synagogue and thought, spoke and wrote from a Jewish perspective. It was this spiritual environment that the first Gentiles who came to believe was incorporated in. It is these roots Alefkursen is about.
The first six lessons in Alefkursen treats:
1. Restoration of the end times
2. Hebrew and Greek thought
3. Our true identity
4. The Holy Scriptures
5. Law and Grace
6. Paul and the Law
- Conversation Questions for group studies
- Study Questions with Bible references to answer yourself.
Alefkursen is primarily meant to be studied in a group, but it can also be studied on its own.
The book contains Lesson 1-6, 134 pages
Note 5 or more textbooks: 99 kr / pc

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