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Here you will find products for your home, manufactured in Israel.

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Communion Chalice Pre-Order

Communion Chalice

Communion Chalice Communion/Night Supper - Kiddush. Chalice for drinks (wine) and a small dish..

598.00Kr Ex Tax: 478.40Kr

Flag Israel

Only flag.Different sizes: 20x30cm60x80cm80x120cm150x220cm ..

50.00Kr Ex Tax: 40.00Kr

Hanukkah Lightholder Pre-Order

Hanukkah Lightholder

This Hanukkah Lightholder has 9 arms, the ninth is lightbearer, which one uses to light the other 8 ..

1,498.00Kr Ex Tax: 1,198.40Kr

Menorah - Candlestick

Menorah Candlestick, Jewish candelabra, very pretty, height 9cm, width 8cm. This beautiful 7-arme..

100.00Kr Ex Tax: 80.00Kr

Menorah - Candlestick H- 13cm Goldcolored

Gold-colored Menorah (candlestick) in metal.Height about 13 cm.Weight 180 grams...

199.00Kr Ex Tax: 159.20Kr

Menorah - Candlestick H- 13cm Silver-colored

Silver colored Menorah (candlestick) in metal.Height about 13 cm.Weight 180 g...

199.00Kr Ex Tax: 159.20Kr

Mezuzah of olive tree

A mezuzah (multiple "mezuzot") is a small cylindrical container, as in Jewish homes and public build..

148.00Kr Ex Tax: 118.40Kr

Natural Frankincense

Natural Frankincense50 gram. From Israel...

98.00Kr Ex Tax: 78.40Kr

ObioMask - Face mask New

ObioMask - Face mask

Face mask, adults.- Reduces droplet spread.- 100% Cotton.- Double layer.- Comfortable to use.- Washa..

99.00Kr Ex Tax: 79.20Kr

Oil Lamp (ceramic)

Oil lamp in ceramicSize: about 7 cm wide.From Israel...

148.00Kr Ex Tax: 118.40Kr

Olive Tree on Jerusalem Stone Pre-Order

Olive Tree on Jerusalem Stone

Olive Tree on Jerusalem Stone A work of art like nothing you have not seen before. Made of coppe..

1,490.00Kr Ex Tax: 1,192.00Kr

Prayer Shawl Pre-Order

Prayer Shawl

Prayer Shawl in white, blue, gold. ..

598.00Kr Ex Tax: 478.40Kr

Shofar Pre-Order


Shofar of Rams Horn, made in Israel. Length 62 cm. Width 7cm at its thickest. ..

1,998.00Kr Ex Tax: 1,598.40Kr

Table flag Israel

Table flag IsraelWith silver colored foot. Hight: 30 cm...

98.00Kr Ex Tax: 78.40Kr