Aloe Vera Gel

Dr. Melumad Laboratories uses only Aloe vera barbadensis in its products. The plants grow in the world's most mineral rich soil in the Jordan. Only fresh and ready-grown leaves are used, full of vitamins, minerals and anthrachies that are harvested and peeled by hand.

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Dr. Melumad - Aloe Vera Gel Forte - 100 ml

ALOE VERA GEL FORTEIt is very effective against itching by insect bite. Good against all types of sk..

239.00Kr Ex Tax: 191.20Kr

Dr. Melumad - Special Aloe Vera Gel - 50 ml

SPECIAL ALOE VERA GELRelieves and agitates irritated skin. Contains several different nutrients and ..

249.00Kr Ex Tax: 199.20Kr