Medix Line

Medix Skin Support

Dr. Melumad launches a unique series especially for people with dry skin. Contains pure vegetable oils; castor oil, coconut oil and sheabutter oil. In addition, it is and; aloe vera gel, coriander extract, walnut extract, chamomile extract, bowl extract and several other natural ingredients like dead sea minerals, allantonin, propolis extract, glycerin, as well as vitamins A and E.

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Dr. Melumad - Medix Massage Gel - 250 ml

MEDIX MASSAGE GELQuick effect that gently calms down and gives a warm, relieving feeling.Contains a ..

269.00Kr Ex Tax: 215.20Kr

Dr. Melumad - Medix Panakosin Liniment - 100 ml 1-2 weeks

Dr. Melumad - Medix Panakosin Liniment - 100 ml

MEDIX PANAKOSINWith three unique plant extracts; ring flower, tungras and stemor flower. Also contai..

259.00Kr Ex Tax: 207.20Kr

Dr. Melumad - Medix Wash - 250 ml

Dr. Melumad - Medix Wash - 250 mlThis shower gel is specially designed to clean thoroughly yet gentl..

299.00Kr Ex Tax: 239.20Kr