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Alkavital - Effervescent mineral powder - 250 g

Alkavital is a great product to use when you want to start the purification process of acid surplus ..

198.00Kr Ex Tax: 172.17Kr

Daniel Eini's Zeolite Mineral Lotion 100 ml

Daniel Eini's Zeolite Mineral lotion100 ml.Enriches the skin with valuable essential nutrients and e..

350.00Kr Ex Tax: 280.00Kr

Daniel Eini's Zeolite powder (Clinoptilolite)

Zeolite powder (Clinoptilolite) - 300 g Works as a magnet on heavy metals and toxins. Alkalizi..

355.00Kr Ex Tax: 284.00Kr

Daylight Cream 125ml

Daylight cream with distilled plant juice 125mlDaylight BC is a natural product extracted from spraw..

375.00Kr Ex Tax: 300.00Kr

Dr. Melumad - Aloe Vera Gel Forte - 100 ml

ALOE VERA GEL FORTE100 mlIt is very effective against itching by insect bite. Good against all types..

239.00Kr Ex Tax: 191.20Kr

Dr. Melumad - Aloe Vera Gel Forte - 70 ml

ALOE VERA GEL FORTE70 mlIt is very effective against itching by insect bite. Good against all types ..

185.00Kr Ex Tax: 148.00Kr

Dr. Melumad - Medix Massage Gel - 250 ml

MEDIX MASSAGE GELQuick effect that gently calms down and gives a warm, relieving feeling.Contains a ..

249.00Kr Ex Tax: 199.20Kr

Dr. Melumad - Special Aloe Vera Gel - 50 ml

SPECIAL ALOE VERA GELRelieves and agitates irritated skin. Contains several different nutrients and ..

249.00Kr Ex Tax: 199.20Kr

Masik Natural Mint Toothpaste

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128.00Kr Ex Tax: 102.40Kr

MrphBosem - Moringa toothpaste - 150 ml

MrphBosem Moringa toothpaste - 150 mlMrphBosem Ltd. - «It's all natural»MrphBosem Ltd is located in ..

158.00Kr Ex Tax: 137.39Kr

Muscle & joint - Gel Travel Bottle

Muscle & joint gel travel bottle - 30ml - 1 bottleThis is a small bottle that is easy to carry i..

59.00Kr Ex Tax: 47.20Kr

Muscle & joint - Warming gel

Warming Muscle & joint gel with EDTA, 150ml To the delight of thousands of people with rheuma..

329.00Kr Ex Tax: 263.20Kr

Muscle & Joints - Mild gel

Muscle & joint Mild gel with edta, 150 mlGood for muscles and jointsGood for the heart and blood..

329.00Kr Ex Tax: 263.20Kr

NS Oils Pomegranate Seed oil 50 ml

Regenerates skin, reduces the signs of skin aging, full of antioxidants and omega 5 fatty acids, has..

448.00Kr Ex Tax: 389.57Kr

Probioform - Iodine - Highly dissolved - 15 ml 2-3 Days

Probioform - Iodine - Highly dissolved - 15 ml

JOD is a very necessary mineral that is essential in the production of hormones in the thyroid gland..

398.00Kr Ex Tax: 346.09Kr