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Alkavital - Effervescent mineral powder - 250 g

Alkavital is a great product to use when you want to start the purification process of acid surplus ..

198.00Kr Ex Tax: 172.17Kr

Daniel Eini's Zeolite Mineral Lotion 100 ml New

Daniel Eini's Zeolite Mineral Lotion 100 ml

Daniel Eini's Zeolite Mineral lotion100 ml.Enriches the skin with valuable essential nutrients and e..

350.00Kr Ex Tax: 280.00Kr

Daniel Eini's Zeolite powder (Clinoptilolite)

Zeolite powder (Clinoptilolite) - 300 g Works as a magnet on heavy metals and toxins. Alkalizi..

355.00Kr Ex Tax: 284.00Kr

Daylight Cream 125ml New

Daylight Cream 125ml

Daylight cream with distilled plant juice 125mlDaylight BC is a natural product extracted from spraw..

375.00Kr Ex Tax: 300.00Kr

Dr. Melumad - Aloe Vera Gel Forte - 100 ml

ALOE VERA GEL FORTEIt is very effective against itching by insect bite. Good against all types of sk..

239.00Kr Ex Tax: 191.20Kr

Dr. Melumad - Medix Massage Gel - 250 ml

MEDIX MASSAGE GELQuick effect that gently calms down and gives a warm, relieving feeling.Contains a ..

249.00Kr Ex Tax: 199.20Kr

Dr. Melumad - Special Aloe Vera Gel - 50 ml

SPECIAL ALOE VERA GELRelieves and agitates irritated skin. Contains several different nutrients and ..

249.00Kr Ex Tax: 199.20Kr

Masik Natural Mint Toothpaste

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128.00Kr Ex Tax: 102.40Kr

MrphBosem - Moringa toothpaste - 150 ml

MrphBosem Moringa toothpaste - 150 mlMrphBosem Ltd. - «It's all natural»MrphBosem Ltd is located in ..

158.00Kr Ex Tax: 137.39Kr

Muscle & joint - Gel Travel Bottle

Muscle & joint - gel travel bottle - 30ml - 1 bottleThis is a small bottle that is easy to carry..

59.00Kr Ex Tax: 47.20Kr

Muscle & joint - Warming gel

Warming Muscle & joint gel with EDTA, 150ml To the delight of thousands of people with rheuma..

329.00Kr Ex Tax: 263.20Kr

Muscle & Joints - Mild gel

Muscle & joint Mild gel with edta, 150 mlGood for muscles and jointsGood for the heart and blood..

329.00Kr Ex Tax: 263.20Kr

NS Oils Pomegranate Seed oil 50 ml

Regenerates skin, reduces the signs of skin aging, full of antioxidants and omega 5 fatty acids, has..

448.00Kr Ex Tax: 389.57Kr

Probioform - Iodine - Highly dissolved - 15 ml 2-3 Days

Probioform - Iodine - Highly dissolved - 15 ml

JOD is a very necessary mineral that is essential in the production of hormones in the thyroid gland..

398.00Kr Ex Tax: 346.09Kr

Richway Bio mat 2-3 Days

Richway Bio mat

Bio matThe bio mat is a therapeutic mat based on revolutionary new health technology. It is used dir..

15,500.00Kr Ex Tax: 12,400.00Kr